All In One Place

TinyPages is the newest Social Media technology to host all your links,contact details, maps, communication channels, posts, picture albums, and events in one place.

Marketing Benefits

It enhances your SEO, customer engagement, and acquisition. It converts your social fans, emphasizes your brand, and shows you as a living business.

Technical Benefits

It can also act as a mini website that you can plug to your main one or can be added to your Facebook Company Page. You can even use it as your main website if you don`t have one already.
TinyPages enhances your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Increase your company chances to score higher on Google and other search engines. As TinyPages links to your various pages including your website, this will add a stronger weight to them on most search engines, hence better ranking and visibility. Furthermore, TinyPages on both its main website and its App on Facebook will appear on more searched results representing more of you there.
TinyPages provides better communication with customers
Communication and customer engagement is proven to increase conversion rate, so using the tools customers are already using such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook chat will certainly take your business to the personal friendly dimension and expand your future customer base, sales, and ROI. We are also building a special chat engine that will enable you to communicate directly with your website visitors and lets you know more about them and their shopping journey. Stay tuned for that!
Tinypages shows you as an active business
Showing the social links & updates, contact details, maps, and communication channels you have should convince your customers that you are a living entity standing behind your business and ready to offer a good customer service, and better advice to them than your competitors. This should make you attract more customers and cross sell more of your products or services to the already existing ones.
Tinypages enhances your presence, shows your personality, and demonstrates your brand

More informed and sustained buying decisions

Whether you have a product or a service, customers would like to know more about whom they are buying from, what they are buying, its value to them, and what others are saying about it. Showing the social links, posts and people`s comments, products or services list, communication channels, with all the searching tools we are providing will definitely support them with their decision making in the whole buying journey.


Better Design, better Conversion:

Companies don’t need to hire a UI designer to do this for them, because the Tinypages design has gone through testing and usability studies. Showing your customers the nice design Tinypages is giving you, will certainly add up to the attractiveness your business has and to the stickness on your website, hence, a better brand image, and conversion rate. Get the power of TinyPages, it is all made for you!


All your links in one single page

Tinypages is the first application that is designed to show all your links, social media pages, contact information, communication channels, and products, in one single page. Tinypages is built as a mini website having a uniform categorized easy to find content by anyone. If customers want to know about you, your services, or social updates, everything will be available to them in one single location familiar to them, and so centralized making searching and finding their needs even faster!

Don't wait for Google, show it in your own terms!
Tinypages is made for businesses, so it is more specialized than Google or other search engines. TinyPages will show your business in a smarter, classified, and helpful way than Google does it without Tinypages. For instance, if customers are searching for your products, then it should be easier to find them with Tinypages than Google alone. We are certainly making search engines capabilities smarter, and more effective for both your business and customers. Stay tuned for this feature!
A full contact details of your business
Unlike your company website where you can put few contact information about your business, Tinypages is designed to host as many contact details about your business as possible. You can insert multiple department phone and fax numbers, email and websites addresses, and even Skype or Oovoo launchable icons. TinyPages is really the right place to host all of these contact details and information about your business.
More to come, stay tuned
TinyPages is full of goodness for your organization and we still have much more to help businesses reach their full potential in this digital world. For instance, you can now plug your TinyPages’ page on your website, and show it as an app on your Facebook Page. You can even add a domain name for it in case you want to use it as your main website, or even put it on your business card or flyers for others to have a direct access to all your information. In the coming few months, get ready to add more of our business features that are made for you!